Things That Are Not What They Seem Story Time

Today was a cold and rainy day for a story time. I wasn’t sure how many children to expect, either none at all due to the weather or a whole herd since they couldn’t play outside. A herd came. It was a good thing I had many activities planned for the day! The only regret I have was that we were unable to have our shadow puppet play due to technical difficulties. So on to the fun!

We began the day by talking about things that seem like one thing, but are another. Our first story was about a little owl who -seems- cute but is a fierce and scary hunter!


It was a good story to start with while the late arrivals filtered in. Once our group was ready we moved on to our first activity.



Dinosaurs might all seem like big scary brutes but some were nice plant eaters. I used a large magnetic book with several dinosaurs the children got to place onto the board. I held each dino out and told them the name and a little about them and then they got to stick it on. We got a little worried when they thought there were only four pieces until I turned a page to show more. We had enough for everyone with one extra.

Next we played a matching game. Using the ghost expressions from Toddler Approved ( )

we matched out ghosts and I let the children tell me what they thought the ghost was feeling. There were no wrong answers. Each expression was whatever the kids wanted it to be. We followed up with the book Sad Monster, Glad Monster.


In this book we learned that monsters who seem big and scary have feelings too. We each got to share things that made us sad, glad, mad, and ended with everyone making big scary faces to scare me! We kept those scary faces in our minds as we moved on to a scary story so we wouldn’t be afraid. Next we read about a teeny, tiny woman who found a bone that was more than it seemed in Teeny Tiny.


The kids went bananas on the last page as we shouted “Take It!” to the ghost when he got back his bone. We followed up with a game of feeding letters to a hungry ghost. I can’t find a link to the blog the idea came from but I will add it just as soon as I find it. We will be doing this again for sure.

Our last story was a loud one where we got to be super goofy.


Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb is a very small board book with a very big potential. Before we started we all promised to keep our shakers quiet until I said it was time to make noise. We passed out maracas and shakers to everyone and I had mine in hand as we began. I read each page and when we got to the repeated ‘dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum’ we all shook shook shook our noise makers. As more and more monkeys joined in we made more and more noise until we were all standing and jumping and shaking! At the end we all shook quieter and quieter as we sat back down and with a whispered dum ditty, we put our maracas on the floor.

We then broke off story time to move on to our craft of coloring finger puppets!

Wilda the Witch Shadow Puppet Story

Around Pinterest a set of shadow puppets have been circling and I had to give them a try. The set is cute and really got my mind working about how I could work them into tomorrow’s story time. 



You can check them out for yourself here:


I came up with a story about a witch who wishes to be something besides a witch for Halloween. She wishes to be a princess and in the end learns that being herself was the best thing of all. I created a few additional puppets to go with my story, a princess, feather, bone, tail, and mouth. Here is the story:

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The Price of Good Food

Processed foods are not good for you. It is a simple fact. I make what I can but I am on a budget and I can not simply go to a health foods store and stock up. Sacrifices have to be made. Sometimes all that we can manage is finding the better of two evils. When I can find a way around my monetary blockade I always want to share it with everyone else. I have started two things to improve my diet and keep the household budget in check, bone broth and a sourdough starter. 

Bone broth is a traditional food throughout most of the world which is rich in minerals and nutrients. Warmed over the stove and sipped in the mornings, it makes for a nourishing breakfast. Left over meats and vegetables can be added in to simmering broth to make soups and stews. Having your own stock of bone broth is easy and price-savy. I use the method of perpetual broth as demonstrated by the Nourished Kitchen with some adaptations. I am out of the house for anywhere from nine to ten hours a day and unable to be there should an issue arise with the broth. After simmering the bird for 9 hours, I remove and store the meat. The carcass is returned to the pot until 24 hours of simmering has been reached. I then skim and store my broth in mason jars ready for use. 

You can view the original method here:

I might try perpetual broth once I trust my slow cooker a bit more, but for now I do a single 24 hour bath a week. 

My sourdough starter is a little less certain to work, I had no established starter to add in and want to do it the hard way. The house has around 10 months of bread baking to add to the native yeast populations so I might have good luck. We’ll see. 

All about Colors and Dogs

For this storytime we went over colors and dogs as pets. The kids had a lot of fun and I got very confused doing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!








We had a felt board story about a dog who gets icky colorful things on his clean white fur. The kids were all handed colored dots to go along with the stains and at the end we all had to remember our colors! After that, we had a fun puppet parade of I Know an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly. (I repaired the poor horse and bird puppets afterwards). 

After a few more stories and songs we ended with a craft of coloring a picture of a dog with the word for them to practice writing it out. 



Bread for Mabon


In celebration of the last harvest and the beginning of the dark half of the year I made some loaves of bread. I used the following recipe:

The loaf with the moons I rolled out and filled with brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice to make a sweet treat.











New Library Plans

Check out the progress on the construction of our new library.

Lake Whitney Public Library

Another week goes by!  There is some activity on the lot as lines are moved and prepared for the dirt work.  Thankfully, the much needed rain to fall will help ease the digging progress.  Things are definitely still looking good!

This week, thanks to our crafty volunteer Tammy, a poster of the new library plans greeted each visitor beside the circulation desk.

The main board has a copy of the blueprints along with some key features we are personally excited about, including our digital sign!

Beneath this is a book that contains a few small items that we are hoping to be able to purchase in time for the new opening.


These include small things tall and small, like a commercial grade cleaning station, a roomba for overnight cleaning, a key card system for patron library cards (no more digging your library card out of your wallet!), and large oak…

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